Lytham Photography course (week 5)

I have met some lovely people on this course, who just enjoy taking photographs. A lady who loves colour, and gentleman who loves to photograph his two Spaniel dogs. Others love photographing family, buildings, flowers, sunsets and abstract.

As our little exhibition gets closer and the light nights are finally here (oh and the weather is supposed to be getting a little warmer), I am encouraging the group to go out in the evenings to make use of the beautiful light at dusk to photograph stunning sunsets.  Also, I would like people to try to arrange a fun photo-shoot at the weekend with family and friends in the garden.

Try and take at least 20 photographs this week so that you have a larger choice for the exhibition.

Alyssa will be taking the session next week and will be talking about how to print your digital photographs. She has also agreed to design and print some flyers for the exhibition.

Thankyou Alyssa