Lytham Photography course (week 8) Exhibition

What a lovely time we had!

After 7 weeks our photographers were finally ready to exhibit their works. Attendees started to arrive at 12 noon to set up the exhibition before friends and family visited to view at the Lytham Methodist Church between 12.30 and 2.30 yesterday.

This has been a lovely group of enthusiastic people who have improved their skills, week by week, by taking photographs specifically for this special day.

The works were varied and creative in content, ranging from portraits of people and dogs, still life (trees, flowers) to architectural shots of rooftops, church windows, railings and a ferris wheel, landscapes of countryside, railways, the Lake District and sunsets over the sea. It is obvious that these people have all embraced their love of photography over the last 8 weeks. Well done everyone…..

Here are some of the written comments given about the course:

Loved the course! It was so nice to be inspired by like-minded people in the group. (TG)


Very enjoyable, great getting out and about. (anony)


Loved the course, only thing wrong is that it has finished today.  When can we start a new class as I will miss this so much. (JP)


Enjoyed the course.  Wish it could continue as I want to learn more about photography. (anony)


I have loved every minute of this class.  Thankyou for all the creative inspiration.  Most of all the positive impact it has had on my well being.  Will miss this Wednesday session but hopefully will carry on doing photography a college. (S)


Very enjoyable, good information and very inspirational- will keep taking photo’s Thankyou Michele! I would love more please! please! please! (anony)


Thankyou Jayne, Alyssa and Linda for your support and for the lovely comments and flowers everyone…… I am thinking about more courses for the future as I really enjoyed this one, so please keep watching this space and hopefully, I will see you again soon.


Michele Thompson